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Ready to live your LIFE IN COLOR?

Great! Come and SIT A WHILE.

Hey friend! I hope you are feeling well and ready to tackle what is ahead! Thank you for taking the time to stop in and relax here at the SIT A WHILE Cafe. This blog is a safe place and space to take a moment to Sit for a little while and gather your thoughts. Blog categories will vary but will always support you in understanding yourself a little more, finding helpful coping skills/resources and allowing you the time you need to sip your coffee, tea, water or wine and relax.

Come Sit a While with me

Why sit a while?

While I have been in this field for over seven years, it took for the pandemic to hit; my life to go in all sorts of ways, and feeling unfulfilled to really understand why BEING STIll is so important to your mental health. Now now I know what you are thinking. "I cant be still" ; "There is to much to do"; "Really Josephena?, who has time"; but just hear me out.

In the course of life circumstances, I have found that in every moment of revelation, clarity, epiphany, truth purpose phenomenon, I did not get what I was truly seeking until I took a moment (better yet had no choice to) take a moment and was still. Being still does not mean that you are not productive, but it does mean that you are not too busy to hear God's voice or deal with those inner problems (loneliness, depression, anger, anxiety) that the "hustle and bustle" of every day life drowns out.


Take a moment and imagine a peaceful place that you enjoy or would like to go to. This place could be the beach, in the mountains, by a lake, in a park, in your bathtub, on a trail. Imagine any place that you would want to go and take a deep breath to relax. Imagine having the ability to spend as much time as you would like there to just relax. Take 3 minutes to close your eyes and picture yourself there with all the amenities you would need.

Take a deep breath.

Wow. How do you feel? I can imagine you feel a sense of calm and maybe even thinking about going to that place right now! I know I am!

This exercise is to show you how taking even 3 minutes out of your day to silence the noise, redirect your thinking to a place of peace can allow a small amount of positivity and positive perspective to happen.

The Big Picture

At the end, we all can win but only if we take time to truly learn, heal and grow into our AUTHENTIC SELVES. This happens when we take the time out to focus on the inner workings of ourselves and gift ourselves with the endless possibilities that come with "Being Still".

So do yourself a favor friend and SIT A WHILE.

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