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  • Therapeutic Options (TOVA): A minimum of 4 people in a group

  • Documentation Training: A minimum of 5 people in a group. Includes mock notation and 30-day follow-up with staff to ensure improvement.

  • Incident Reporting: A minimum of 6 people in a group

  • Training with staff on company policy/procedures a minimum of 6 people in a group

Mental Health/
DD Services

  • Individual plans

  • Risk Management Services

  • Quality Assurance Clients

  • Quality Assurance Staff

  • Compliance facilitation

  • Policy/Procedure updates

  • QDDP Contracts available 

  • Risk Management Contracts Available

 Business revamping services

  • Needs assessment outline: includes a plan of action; in person, includes all businesses

  • Partial/Complete Revamp

Life Coaching

  • Coaching/Counseling services for life matters

  • Specializing in trauma, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety

  • Ages 13+

  • Self pay options only

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